Arts & Crafts Society

At Roots Millennium Schools, teachers realize the importance of using creative skills to stimulate children’s minds and give them a fantastic opportunity to express themselves in their own unique way. They are given the opportunity to work with colour and form and with different materials to create their own piece of artwork giving them a sense of achievement and also giving them the opportunity of appreciating other friends’ artwork.Millennium Schools’ students are extremely talented and artistic when it comes to the drawing pencil and painting brush. Every year, artistic workshops pertaining to sculpture making, painting and sketching are held with regularity. Whether students are semi-experienced artists or they wish to learn the basics, anyone and everyone are welcome to join. The Art and Craft Society used to take place in afternoon after school hours throughout the year. The aim of the Art and Craft Society is to allow the children to experience and enjoy all aspects of art & design e.g. painting, paper mache, collage, clay work and 3-D modelling. Children are encouraged to express themselves and to be creative in a relaxed environment. Art Teachers at Millennium Schools use a variety of media developing art throughout the curriculum. Art and craft ideas encourage our students to use their imagination to create their own entertainment. Making something on their own endows them with a confidence in their abilities to make individual decisions and choices.

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