Dramatic & Performing Art Society


At Roots Millennium Schools, Drama & Performing Art is an exciting and beneficial way for students to express themselves on the stage. They become confident and can face the audience. Open days on the last Saturday of the month are specially meant for such kind of activities in which students can express themselves through different activities. The Millennium Schools Dramatic & Performing Art Society is a group of dedicated students who enjoy theatrical expression. Building upon both published and original works of drama, the society welcomes students who enjoy working on stage as well as behind the curtain.

Millennium Schools Dramatic & Performing Art Society is providing pupils with the opportunity to create and develop their own work in an informal and friendly environment. Activities include; Group Work, Improvisation, Text Work and Performing. Sessions at RMS work on teamwork and confidence building skills as well as exploring ways to develop vocal and physical awareness. Whether pupils have participated in drama groups before or this is their first time, this is not only a great way to make friends in other years, but also build and develop communication, presentation and self-awareness skills within a relaxed and fun environment. After school, drama and performing art societies is a popular choice as part of extended schools programming at RMS. It sets out three terms of 11 weekly sessions culminating in a presentation of sample drama and poetry activities to parents at the end of each term. The activities focus on social skills linked to the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. Some activities are repeated from session to session to encourage familiarity and group development. There is a mixture of teacher-directed and more creative child-led activities.


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