Music & Entertainment Society


The RMS Music & Entertainment Society aims in bringing out the best in our members, musically. The members will get a chance to hone their skills, learn to create music and even perform live at School and Inter-school stages in various events and competitions. If you’ve got music in your system, we have a place for you. To bring joy, excitement, inspiration, delight and a brand new identity to the Millennium Schools experience through music and entertainment is the utmost goal of this society. The members of this society; Keep all Music Lovers updated on what’s happening around through regular e-mails to all its members and a collaborative Upcoming Concert List, Pick the best concerts to go all together, and call them “Concert of The Month” even when it’s not exactly one per month, Arrange group student-discounted tickets to Classical Music, top events in the town, Invites all musicians and singers to Millennium Schools, to have a memorable evening at least once in a while, Support bands that perform in the main RMS Music & Entertainment Society Events&Organizes professional events about the Music Industry. It is the society that focuses on providing music and entertainment related training and find talent who represent Millennium Schools in music and entertainment field. At the beginning of each school year, Millennium Schools conducts an organizational fair, a campus-wide celebration in the form of a carnival that provides an opportunity for you to sign up for organizations and activities that may be of interest. The fair is conducted one evening during the first full week of classes. This is the best opportunity and time to learn about the different societies, their accomplishments, and how to sign up to become a member. RMS Entertainment & Music Society is the lead-off to the first weekend at Millennium School, full of entertainment and fun for all students. This society enriches the student experience, creates a diverse community, encourages involvement, and provides opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Millennium Schools students, these societies organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Recreational trips are also organized under this society to create the entertainment and fun factor in the student community.


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