Social Entrepreneurial Society


RMS Social Entrepreneurial Society is dedicated to create the next generation of enlightened, responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs. This society provides opportunities for Millennium students to use business principles to alleviate poverty. Through education, programs, events, and career development, we inspire the next generation of enlightened business leaders and social entrepreneurs. Giving back to society has always been a fundamental part of Millennium School’s core values, and the community service society facilitates the student’s ability to do so. RMS Social Entrepreneurial Society aims; To gain experience with social entrepreneurship and innovative didactics in working with health and living conditions, To gain insight into how one can work with health and living conditions at an individual, institutional and community level, To gain insight in teaching policy in relation to health education conditions, To gain insight in the possibilities and challenges in a cooperation between different professional groups, To gain insight in theories and methods regarding the interplay between the private sector, the public sector and voluntary organizations for the purpose of creating social entrepreneurship.



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