Tuition & Fee Policy


All Students, Parent and Guardian must observe the following rules and regulations as outlined in this Policy Note regarding Tuition Fee of Roots Millennium Schools; Tuition fee is payable in Pak Rupees, for the Academic year is as follows:

  • One-time Registration and Admission fee (non-refundable) will be paid by all new students at the time of admission. Security Fee is payable at the time of admission and is refundable at the time of withdrawal. Annual Resource charge for the academic year will be paid in full prior to admission irrespective of joining date. Student ID card, Green School Fee, Millennial Newsletter, Montessori school bag, school badge and Prospectus shall be payable at the time of admission.

  • The Annual Resource Charge, Millennial Newsletter, Green School Fee and School Computerized student ID card shall be charged annually.

  • The Tuition fee will be payable on bi-monthly basis in advance for all tiers except examination classes.

  • The Tuition Fee for examination year classes of IGCSE, AS & A Levels, BSc, LLB and all external Examination programme shall be paid on four monthly basis as per the following schedule; First Payment: September – December, Second Payment: January – April, Third Payment: May-August.

  • For all New Admissions, the Monthly Tuition fee cut-off date is 20th of every calendar month. The monthly tuition fee for the current month shall be charged to all new admissions Fee Bills issued before or on 20th of every calendar month.

  • Tuition fee for the full year or 12 calendar months (which includes May to August period) is to be paid in full for all existing and graduating students. (Monthly Lab, ICT, Computer Charges are also applicable for the full year or 12 calendar months including May to August Period).

  • Monthly Tuition Fee, Admission fee, Security, Annual Resource Charge, Registration Fee, ID Card Charge, Prospectus, Millennial Newsletter, School Bag, Green School Fee, School Badge or ICT/Lab charges and all other charges as per the tuition fee policy are all subject to review from time to time due to inflationary pressure and are subject to increase without prior notice at any time.

  • Tuition Fee Bills are normally issued with a “DUE DATE” of 10-15 days. After the expiry of “DUE DATE,” the Fee bill can be deposited with the late fee fine which is charged on a daily basis, till the expiry of “VALIDITY DATE” which is normally 20 days from the expiry of the “DUE DATE”. After the expiry of the “VALIDITY DATE,” the Fee Bill shall not be accepted at the local branch of the bank. The new Fee Bill will only be issued with an additional fine of Rs. 500/- per Fee Bill plus the late payment charges incurred till that day.

  • Students whose fees remain payable after expiry of “DUE/VALIDITY DATE” are issued periodic reminders and ultimately the ‘Final’ reminder’, thereafter which the student’s name will be struck off the school roll and outstanding dues adjusted against security deposit and a re-admission charge shall be levied.

  • Parent/Guardian defaulting on fees payment run the risk of making their children/wards liable to being struck off the school roll. The security deposit of students is adjusted against their unpaid Tuition and Fee balance. In such cases, re-admission is subject to vacancy and repayment of both the admission fee and security deposit at the prevailing rates.

  • The security Deposit is refunded in full at the time of the ‘withdrawal’ of the student or request for school leaving Certificate RSLC after completion of studies or otherwise provided that the student has paid all his/her dues and the school has no justifiable claim outstanding.

  • Fee Bills are issued latest by 25th of EACH MONTH prior to the billing month and sent home through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire from the School’s office if they have not received the fee bill by the 5th of the billing month. All dues are paid directly to the Roots Millennium Schools specified branch of a local bank. The payment ‘due date’ and the fee bill ‘validity date’ is marked on the fee bill, and late-fee is collected by the bank at the time of payment. The late payment charges will not be waived nor reduced in any circumstances.

  • Registration fee, admission Fee, Annual Resource Charge is non-refundable under any circumstances. For students leaving mid-term, balance payment of tuition fee is not refundable. No refunds for any payments will be made if student is suspended on disciplinary grounds or the student is found in breach of the student code of conduct, and parent or guardian will be liable for paying up for any damages caused to the school property as per the student disciplinary procedure and/or as determined by the school management.

  • For returning students, all previous dues including any fines must have been cleared. Non-payment or underpayment of dues may result in suspension of enrolment, refusal to CIE/Edexcel international exam registration, refusal to re-register and/or withholding of student records.

  • The Roots Millennium Schools reserves the right to hold student’s progress reports, transcripts, examination entries, school leaving and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.

  • All parents and guardians responsible for guaranteeing payment of school dues will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the RMS policies as outlined in the RMS ‘Prospectus’ and ‘Admission Form Pack’. The School reserves the right to revise and make alterations to its policies, rules and fees at any point in time without any prior notice.

  • All Fees must be paid in full as cleared funds by the due date as specified on the fee bill. Thereafter, late payment charges shall be levied by the designated Bank as per the Tuition & Fee Policy.

  • In an event of student inter-branch or intercity transfer, the security fee shall NOT be transferred to the region responsible, however there is no admission, registration and/or security charge in an event of inter branch or intercity school transfer within Roots Millennium Schools Nationwide.

  • There will be no concession or fees waiver for the period that a child may have stayed away from school, due to illness, social commitments, visit abroad or for any other reason.

  • If the school is closed due to the emergency, war, epidemic, floods, and earthquake or for any other reason on National, Provisional, District or AJK State Government order for any length of time, parent / guardians shall pay the fees with regularity by 10th of each month. The salaries to the teaching staff, faculty, administrative and support staff etc. have to be paid during the closed period.

  • There is late payment charge to be levied on fee bill by the bank if the fee is late by the due date as specified on the fee book.


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