Ethos, Aims & Objectives

Developing personal qualities of self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline by promoting a caring & positive atmosphere

The staff and management at Millennium Schools are committed to provide a high quality of learning experiences. To fulfill “Every Child Matters” agenda, following ethos, aims & objectives are being followed at Millennium Schools;

  • Ensure that all pupils receive their entitlement to broad balanced and relevant education.

  • Promote the highest possible standards of achievement for all pupils.

  • Develop pupil self-esteem and self-reliance.

  • Foster an understanding and tolerance of differences, including those of race, culture and religion.

  • Encourage respect for self and others by reinforcing positive behaviour.

  • Teach the value of honesty, truth and friendship.

  • Provide a happy, calm and secure environment  to learn.

  • Give pupils the very best opportunity to succeed as citizens in the 21st century.

  • Every member of the school is valued. Staff and pupils should demonstrate this by showing mutual respect and courtesy towards each another at all times.

  • We believe all pupils have a right to learn within a safe and secure environment.

  • Everyone at Millennium Schools is entitled to work in a quality-learning environment, which promotes high expectations for all members of its school community.

  • The Millennium Schools encourages everyone to use their skills and abilities to participate fully in all aspects of a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • The school actively encourages lifelong learning for pupils, staff, parents and members of the wider community.

RMS aims to be a global school committed to meet the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by globally accredited qualifications, social diversity, academic excellence and entrepreneurial centered achievement.

Roots Millennium Schools aim is to bring out the best in a child/student mentally, intellectually, academically, physically & culturally by developing the attitudes, skills, knowledge and values in the students, thus required to meet the Global Challenges as Millennials in the 21st century through advancements in our school curriculum, teaching pedagogy, School culture, learning environment and enabling technology.”

The values that are broadly shared at Roots Millennium Schools are not just practiced thoroughly but they also outline the framework within which the School strives for excellence in achieving its goals through the School Development Plan SDP. Students, staff members and employees are engaged intellectually, motivated to achieve great results, act with integrity, respect others and take responsibility for their actions and thus play a helping role in building an environment of mutual growth within and outside the school community. Roots Millennium Schools is the only school to implement

United Nations Actions Days as part of school curriculum; committed to the 21st Century United Nations four pillars of education;

  • Learning to Know,
  • Learning to be,
  • Learning to do,
  • Learning to live together

As Millennials we prepare our students to be creative, responsible, entrepreneurial, skilled individuals suited for the modern day world, transmiting to the communities in which we live and work today.

Millennium Schools prioritize the needs, welfare and experience of our students first. We place high value on developing a mature approach to ‘learning’ in which students are encouraged to challenge ‘conventional wisdom’, ‘handle complexity’ and benefit from ‘difference’ and ‘diversity’.

Over the next 10 years Roots Millennium Schools is destined to develop its role as a leading International Montessori / School / College / University thus championing a socially inclusive approach to participation in education. We deliver outstanding academic qualifications, departments and training programmes at all our purpose built campuses. Enabling the students to be independent thinkers and self reliant. Millennium Schools have evolved the ‘ Teaching’ and the ‘Learning’ paradigm with the LEARNER as the common denominator, pioneering the development of new knowledge, scholarly understanding and professionally practice curriculum and support the sustainable development of social eco-systems and the wider community. We are committed in fostering an adaptive environment through the development of talented, highly skilled motivated staff, effective governance, management, technology enablement and leadership to benefit from collaboration and partnerships with other institutions/organizations internationally.

Millennium Schools believes in instilling high aspirations, opportunities and achievements to create a culture of ‘learning’ that enhances innovation and economic prosperity. In the sphere of College education, Roots Millennium College has an edge to be different by scaling an environment in which each student is coached, mentored, counseled and provided ample support and opportunity to discover themselves; be it in terms of entrepreneurship or in the broader terms of University applications and acceptances. It is our academic focus and personal attention to each and every student that makes us distinct. High quality teaching and learning at Roots Millennium Schools is ensured at all tiers, with an unswerving dedication to the development and application of original knowledge and also sharpen scales of analysis, creative thinking and potential to be a convincing contributors of the society. Our inclusive culture nurtures the individual student and encourages the fulfillment of his/her potential. At Roots we ensures that every child has equal opportunity to stretch intellectually and socially. Embedding faith in our tireless sincere resolution and endeavors in anticipation of a formidable future for our scholars.