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Cambridge Checkpoints
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How do we instil a love of learning?

Cambridge Checkpoints Put simply, inspiring teachers inspire learning. Pupils are hand-picked for their ability to think; dons are selected for their enthusiasm, dedication and expertise.

Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme is for learners of age 11 to 14 years. Cambridge Primary & Secondary Checkpoints are designed in the key curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, and Science.

Cambridge Checkpoint tests are designed for learners who are beginning courses leading to Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Level Examinations in English, Mathematics, and Science.

The Results of the tests for the whole subject and for each topic/skill are reported on standardized scale of Cambridge Checkpoint Scores that range from 0.0 (a low level of achievement) to 6.0 (a high level of achievement)

Checkpoint Scores can be used to predict Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Results. Research has shown that Checkpoint scores are good predictors of performance in Cambridge IGCSE and O level examinations.

Research has shown that Checkpoint scores are good predictors of performance in Cambridge IGCSE and O Levels examinations.

Students with the same Checkpoint score will achieve a range of Cambridge IGCSE grades, because some will work harder and learn more than others.

Naturally, students can do better than their predicted grade if they work harder. They will achieve less if they do not put in the effort.


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