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Latest news on Teaching & Learning COVID-19

School Preparedness: Student Safety Action Plan

COVID19 is a global pandemic, these are extraordinary times in the history of mankind and our lives, and they demand extraordinary measures and thus prudent academic decisions.

In the light of the prevalent scenario and deteriorating economic conditions in place, The Millennium Education realizes the need to take precautionary measures to ensure the educational ecosystem created by The Millennium Education is resumed to ensure jobs keep running and our learners aren’t deprived of their education.

Online Teaching & Learning Policy for COVD-19


Dear Parent/Guardian, Learner, Staff and Community Members,

Life and Learning is all about three C’s ‘choices we make, ‘chances we take and ‘change we create’. COVID19 is a global pandemic, these are extraordinary times in the history of mankind and our lives, and they demand extraordinary measures and thus prudent academic decisions. You may have many questions, queries or curiosity as learners, parents, caregivers or guardians, we are sure the following guidelines are comprehensive and shall give you a clear roadmap and trajectory.

First Phase Of Online Learning at TME: Our seasoned and responsible academic experts, subject specialist leads, academic planners and practitioners after having discussed and brainstormed every possible alternative successfully started a unique and pioneering digital LMS MATRIX based classroom and smoothly executed it for two weeks. Week 1: Monday 16th March 2020 to Friday 20th March 2020 & Week 2: Monday 23rd March 2020 to Friday 27th March 2020

How did TME Prepare Teachers and Staff for Distant Learning: Online classes and training sessions were conducted for all teachers and academic administration nationwide to prepare them for online support, and virtual teaching and learning. Our staff has been working hard for weeks to develop continuity of remote/distance learning plans that address the academic and non-academic needs of our students. Rolling out a remote learning plan in a system as large as TME took careful and dedicated coordination, collaboration, training and practice.

How Learners and Parents Engaged were for Remote Learning: Student login details were shared for learners nationwide and parents were taken on board through a series of instructional messages and circulars posted through Notices Module of MATRIX. Our staff offered round the clock facilitation to get both learners and parents comfortable with online learning offering academic guidelines and technical assistance.

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TME Cambridge Candidates Academic Action Plan


Hope you are keeping safe and calm amidst the Corona Virus crises. To effectively adapt to the unforeseen scenario of teaching and learning, our students and teachers have shifted from regular medium of instructions i.e. face to face teaching to online teaching through Microsoft Teams and currently are actively engaged in online classes and assessments and submitting the assigned tasks for teachers’ reflective feedback. Candidates shall also be sitting for online real-time mock exams as scheduled.

According to the latest update released on 31st March, Cambridge Board has cancelled its May/June 2020 Examination Series and candidates who were registered for May/June 2020 exams will be awarded their CAIE grades on the basis of collaborative assessment framework by your registered Cambridge School/College and the Cambridge CAIE Exam Board as per their revised policy. The policy is considerate, comprehensive and a flexible policy decision as compared to any other school or college, considering the diversity, equity, access and choice for the benefit of our candidates. You should also trust your institution and our 32 years of experience, excellence and legacy, and do not get distracted by social media disruptions, fake news, private tutors or tuition academies.

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During this crisis time, many renowned Educational Organizations and Universities have come forward to provide support to teachers for effective online teaching and learning. Click on the link to view a huge number of resources offered by Cambridge for teachers to support their Online Teaching.

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Online Mock Examination April/May 2020 Guidelines

Pursuant to the decision of the Government of Pakistan to close all educational institutions from 16th March till 31st May, TME effectively adapted to the unforeseen scenario of teaching and learning, our students and teachers shifted from regular medium of instructions i.e. face to face teaching to online teaching through, online learning tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Learners are continuously and actively engaged in uninterrupted online classes to keep them motivated and connected in many innovative ways. Find below the ONLINE MOCK EXAMINATION DATE SHEET for IGCSE II-IGCSE IIII-AS and A ll.

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Student Engagement During CoVid 19

All school and college activities to be offered virtually, postponed or cancelled until, at the very earliest, the mid of April 2020. The decision to transition to digital channels is part of an attempt at ‘social distancing,’ the practice of limiting large gatherings and in-person contact to slow the transmission of the coronavirus.
However TME is committed to student engagement digitally and keeping students remain connected through Millennial Buzz, Essay Writing Competition s, Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition and COVID 19 Art Competition.

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Counselling In Crisis-Connect to Your Counsellor

Due to the global health pandemic we all are adapting to this new normal and navigate the best ways to support our students, our communities, and each other. At The Millennium Education we have weekly Online Interactive Sessions of our College Counsellors with our IGCSE, A level and IB students to discuss the challenges our students foresee in building their portfolio (internships & community work), SAT exams University Applications, University Choices, E Internships and Online Essay Writing Workshops.

TME Online Fee Payment

At TME Fee payment has been made easier during CO VID 19 Crisis. Our fee management and online payment system is an easy and secure way to pay school fees from the comfort of your home or office.

TME LIVE Online Classes Schedule

The Millennium Education is pleased to announce the initiation of Online Classes for learners of Play Group till Grade 8 from Thursday, April 16, 2020. These classes will be conducted for the four core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Urdu. Two classes have been scheduled per day and alternate days have been assigned to these subjects to avoid any inconvenience.

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Counselling In Crisis-Connect to Your Counsellor

If you have general questions about the academics, admission, the tuition fee or other topics that concern studies our team will try to answer your questions as individually as possible. To reach out to us please fill the following contact form and we shall try to respond as promptly as we can.

TME Online Fee Payment

Admissions will remain open and you can reach the Admission Office via our contact form shared below or by phone call. You can reach us by calling +92 303 0501691 at the following time:

Monday to Friday: from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm

Online Admission Form : Click Here

Staff Update - TME Work From Home Policy

TME is observing a work-from-home policy for social distancing across all TME campuses. The Millennium Education Pakistan becomes the first Pakistani Educational Institute to announce ‘Work from Home Policy for Social Distancing across Roots Millennium Schools RMS / Roots Millennium Colleges RMC/Future World Schools starting immediately since the beginning of COVID 19 Virus in the country. Chaudhary Faisal Mushtaq CEO TME , FWS, Roots Millennium Colleges RMC, Future World Schools introduced the policy with an immediate effect as soon as beginning cases were identified in the country.

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