Facilities & Resources at Millennium Schools

Millennium Campuses have the best educational infrastructure and learning resources for the benefit of the students

The resources and facilities at the Millennium Schools provide ideal learning opportunities to students and teachers. Roots Millennium Schools has state of the art purpose built campuses nationwide, and has been carefully developed considering the needs of 21st century child. A sound infrastructural background is of critical emphasis in our schools. We ensure no individualistic needs of the students are compromised and learners are provided with a planned, practical, strategically placed, utilitarian and hygienic, infrastructure which creates an inspiring and comfortable environment at the School. It has specialized areas developed in accordance with the developmental needs of the children. Some of these facilities include Study Skills Exploration Room, Music & Movement Room, Art, Craft & Activity Studio Room, Nap & Rest room, Indoor hot & cold children Swimming Pool, Play area & In-house Activity Gym, Purpose built campus auditorium, Dramatics & Performing Arts room, Budding Scientist room, Early years multi gym activity center, Reggio Emilia early learning center, Montessori exercise of practical life room, Montessori scientific apparatus room, Health & Nutrition room, Hot & Healthy meal cafeteria, Library & learning resource center, Listening & language development room, Indoor gaming room, ICT & E-learning room, Nursing & Medical room, Hygienic washrooms for children as per age, Reading & Story telling room, Purpose built basketball courts, Trampoline and gymnastics facilities, Changing room with individual cubbies for storing children’s belongings, Purpose built football pitch, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball facilities, Olympic standard lawn tennis court, Football, Cricket, Wifi & multimedia classrooms, Full equipped ICT labs, Learning resource centre & Peer and parental council facilities. Some of the details are given below;

At the RMS Campuses, sports are an integral part of school activities, supported by necessary resources. There are separate grounds for cricket, hockey and football and separate courts for volleyball and basketball that are properly maintained. Among the indoor games, table tennis and badminton facilities are available. Qualified, male and female, physical training instructors supervise students’ physical training and all classes have regular sports periods during the week. Play grounds are an essential resource which helps children adopt an active lifestyle and RMS provides an expansive playground that sustains a healthy lifestyle beyond the school curriculum. The sporting areas are well constructed and maintained with the best of props and essentials to host a variety of group and individual sports like Skating, Karate, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball, State-of-the-Art Swimming Pool, with qualified trainers helps students practice and excel in swimming.

Our stylishly furnished classrooms are equipped with audio-visual technology including one ‘cinema room’ with a projector unit for the students’ enjoyment.

We have well-established and modern library with quick and easy Internet access. It carries more than 7000 books on a variety of subjects and topics. The library subscribes to local, international periodicals and other daily, monthly and quarterly publications.

The School’s fully equipped computer laboratories offer student’s access to audio-visual and printing facilities. The school emphasizes education through computers by encouraging students to include web-based research for various class projects and assignments.

A full-time registered nurse provides first aid treatment, conducts health classes and maintains students’ health records. The school doctor conducts an annual intensive check-up for each student once in two years. Parents are invited from time to time to discuss their child’s health and any medical problems identified during the medical check-up.

For students to clearly develop and understand scientific theories, it is essential to practically experience them. RMS has adequately equipped science laboratories with equipment, apparatus, chemicals and required instruments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry experiments. To keep with latest scientific developments and knowledge the laboratory is being upgraded with additional physical space and new modern equipment.

The schools’ well-equipped art rooms provide the environment where students are facilitated to show their creativity through different mediums of expressions. In addition to time-tabled lessons the art rooms are usually open to children during breaks in which children are exposed to pottery, puppet-making etc. There are a number of outdoor activities including, painting and drawing, drama and singing.

The canteens cater to the nutritional needs of both students and teachers. Quality, quantity and prices of food are closely monitored and maintained by the school administration.

To encourage an awareness of essential health and safety issues, the school organises different doctors and nutritionists to deliver presentations on relevant topics. Topics include ‘Lead Formation in the body’, ‘Personal Hygiene and Care’ and ‘ENT Diseases: Prevention and Cure’.