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Millennium Education offers an enriched Cambridge curriculum which is followed at our lower secondary till A level tier and Edexcel at our Primary tier. The curriculum is based on Common Core standards and best practice research with an international perspective for students.

The Millennium Early Years (TMEY)

The Millennium Primary Years (TMPY)

The Millennium Middle Years (TMMY)

Cambridge Checkpoints

The Millennium Upper Middle Years (TMUMY)

The Millennium College Years (TMCY)

International Baccalaureate -Middle Year Programme (IB-MYP)

The Millennium Early Years (TMEY) Play Group to Advanced Years

  • Children are admitted in the Early Years tier on a first come first serve basis as seats are limited; however, admissions in Early Year classes are open throughout the year to fill in any vacancy.
  • We are offering four years of Early years Programme starting from reception, Playgroup, Junior years & Advanced years.
  • A child can be admitted from the age of 2 years plus to 5years plus. Admission will be granted, subject to clearing informal interviews.
  • For Early years classes an informal assessment is conducted combined with an interview with the Parents/Guardian. Generally, the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colors and numbers is assessed. The confidence and development of motor skills and mannerism of the child is also taken into consideration – how the child sits, walks and talks.
  • At the time of admission, an appointment is given for the parents to meet the Head of the Early Years section. The child is assessed in an informal environment, separately.
  • Both the parents must be present at the time of interview, failing which the admission cannot be processed.

The Millennium Primary Years Programme (TMPY) Grade 1 to 5 & The Millennium Middle years Programme (TMMY) Grade 6 to 8

  • The student will be assessed in 3 subjects: English, Urdu, Mathematics and/or Science besides considering the previous academic record. The pass percentage is 70% or above. Duration of each paper is approx. 45 minutes. A break of 10 minutes is given between each paper as notified in ‘Admission Assessment Card AAC-001’ and more comprehensively on the ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’.
  • For the written test, the student should come properly equipped with the required stationery i.e. pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler.
  • The ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ is not set from any specific textbook or syllabus but is of a general multiple choice questionnaire designed to test the aptitude of the child or his/her academic ability.
  • The child may be exempted from the ‘Admission Assessment Test AAT-001’ if he/she has strong academic background and has shown outstanding result for the previous academic year. Original Result Card from the previous school is to be provided at the time of Admission/Interview.


The Millennium Upper Middle Years (TMUMY) IGCSE/SSC

All students and applications for admissions into IGCSE/SSC can apply for admission in Millennium IGCSE / SSC Level study programmes. Students will be administered test in English, Mathematics, Science and Urdu in order to evaluate their academic abilities besides considering their previous academic record before being granted admission into the IGCSE /SSC Scheme of studies at Roots Millennium Schools.

All new students admitted in our system in IGCSE/SSC must follow the following scheme of studies.

  • Millennium Schools offer both 3year IGCSE /SSC programme, depending upon the student’s academic background and subject to acceptance on the desired programme by the Admissions and Academic Advisor or School Head.
  • Millennium Schools offer IGCSE through the Cambridge and Edexcel Board UK & SSC through FBISE. (Please re-confirm with the local campus for more details).
  • After completing IGCSE / SSC Scheme of studies, students are eligible for entry into all colleges for AS levels / HSSC.

The Millennium Education does not offer scholarship for ‘O’ level or IGCSE course of studies or any other tier of its education system other than AS & A Level subject to availability.

The Millennium College Years (A- Level )

  • Cambridge AS Level examinations are usually taken at the age 17 years and Cambridge A Level examinations at age 18 years.
  • A minimum of 5 passes is required in ‘IGCSE’ level examinations to be eligible for admissions into the AS level programme at The Millennium Education.
  • For students from Matric stream, a minimum of overall ‘A’ grade or 70% marks are required to be eligible for admission into the AS Level programme at The Millennium Education.
  • If students have already taken IGCSE Levels from The Millennium Education, then they will find many of the academic skills they have already learnt relevant and beneficial to AS Level Study at Roots Millennium Schools.

Scholarships for AS & A Level are limited and are offered through the ‘Millennium Highflyers Scholarship Programme MHFSP’ sponsored by the CEO RMS Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI.

If you wish to apply for Scholarship, you must fill in the application form and provide all the supporting documents and submit it to the college Admission Officer/ Academic Coordinator/Section Head/Principal via an email or in person. For further assistance, please visit respective campus.

  • Need based scholarship
  • Talent based scholarship
  • Merit based scholarship

If you wish to apply for Scholarship, you must fill in the application form and provide all the supporting documents.

All TME campuses runs from Monday – Friday.  The normal school day will run from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for Early Years to Grade 2.  The school day ends daily at 2:30p.m. for Grade3 to IGCSE /IB-MYP till A Level.  Friday is an early release day of 12:30p.m. for all students.

At TME we advise your child to speak to the school administration team of the school. This can be any member of staff that they feel comfortable with. You may also wish to support your child by talking to the Principal with your child.  We would encourage that they report any incident to the class teacher as they can observe behavior during lessons and advise lunchtime staff as necessary. TME takes accusations of bullying very seriously and all incidents are dealt with appropriately and with speed. If you are concerned about your child, please speak to the Principal and never approach a child or the parent.

Parents must either sew a name label into all clothing or write the child’s name in indelible ink on all his/her belongings.  If an item goes missing your child must inform the school administration team and look in the lost/found property. We will do our utmost to find lost items, but we are unable to provide a replacement.

At TME we have an extensive sport physical education programme developed to make full use of the great sports facilities at all campus levels. We encourage our students to participate in all sports activities taking place at their campus. During the academic session at TME we also engage our learners in external physical programmes.

TME shall facilitate the parent with the information of external transport services available, however it is the responsibility of the Parents to provide all the documentations of the drivers to the school. The parent shall be provided with a form at the time of admission requesting the CNIC copy and other details of the driver.

At all TME schools the security of learners is of utmost importance, we have bio-metric system and security guards and security procedures in place at all our schools which are always monitored vigilantly by the Safety and Security department. No stranger can enter the school premises without the permission slip signed by the Principal. All parents will be issued with a Visitor badge which should always be worn when visiting the campus.

At TME cafeterias we always encourage healthy eating. However, we expect parents to choose healthily when creating a packed lunch.

An example of a healthy packed lunch:

  • A sandwich (Chicken spread, green vegetables or peanut butter)
  • No crisps except baked snacks e.g. Baked crisps, cheddars sticks.
  • Piece of fruit (Apple, banana
  • A wafer biscuit e.g. Twix, Kit Kat.
  • Handful of nuts. (Almonds, peanuts)
  • Bottle of water or fresh juice.
  • No sweets, fizzy drinks, or chocolate

At TME all classrooms are equipped with Promethean smart boards, iPads and we have a dedicated computer lab.

Please visit our website and complete the registration form. The school is contactable at +92 303 0501691, 03315060561 or you can email your inquiry to info@millenniumschools.edu.pk. For other enquiries about TME schools you can call The Enrollment Centre +92 51 2375201-5 ,Ext:184.

Department of Qualifications, Curriculum & Assessments (DQCA) aspires to provide excellent services in terms of academics and in helping the child learn in an innovative way where he/she can achieve excellence in all aspects of life. Department of QCA is structured to provide standard and quality 21st Century learning thus promoting knowledge, skills and values. Our Moto is transforming schools into Learning Communities and DQCA is committed to ensure that our students are provided excellent education by engaging them in active learning which enhances their creativity and critical thinking skills. Our aim is to develop our students as the leaders of tomorrow who will make difference in all sectors of life. DQCA is a department with following attributes.

  • Q’ Qualifications:is ensured by a qualitative and quantitative mechanism for quality assurance through benchmarking, research, innovation, feedback and international best practices across all areas of teaching, academic enrichment, technology enablement, monitoring, reading, communications, ICT, writing skills, arts, values, traits, worksheets, study, student resources’, monitoring, teaching aids, lesson plans and time tables across all tiers of the education.
  • ‘C’ Curriculumis ensured by a continuous phased curriculum enrichment plan through curriculum development, research, reforms, national requirements, capacity and booklists and growing expectations by global environment and competition to support a student-centered learning-based curriculum than a teaching centered curriculum.
  • ‘A’ Assessments:The objective of assessments is to reform, improve, redesign and develop the centralized assessment framework with focus on logical, practical and international approach that encompasses each and every aspect of child development and progression from progress cards to mid-term parent teacher conferences.

Millennium Schools Curriculum builds the foundations for wellbeing and equips students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and strategies to understand and manage themselves and their relationships. It explicitly teaches personal and social capabilities by implementing the curriculum as specified in the Millennium Schools curriculum, assessment and reporting framework:

  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Social management.
  • Building the foundations for wellbeing and lifelong learning.
  • Enacting a pedagogical framework that reflects the Pedagogical framework expectations and principles.

Millennium Schools Pedagogy enhances wellbeing, by building positive relationships between teachers and students. It is responsive to the individual needs of students, to which teachers cater to by demonstrating respect for their students as individuals. Students are provided opportunities to;

  • Build on their strengths
  • Use their preferred learning styles
  • Work cooperatively in groups
  • Negotiate what they learn

For Online admission apply on the following link mentioned below.

https://millenniumschools.edu.pk/apply-now or contact us directly

Uzma Hayat

Manager Student Recruitment

Plot # 80, Street # 1, Sector E-11/4, Islamabad.

Landline: +92 51 2375201-5, Ext: 184, Mobile: +92 303 050 1691

UAN: +92 51 111 111193

Email: uzma.hayat@millenniumschools.edu.pk




The step-by-step admission process is as follows:


  • Meet the Admission Office: Get counselling regarding eligibility, fee, programmes offered and admission procedure.
  • Meet the Academic Coordinator: Meeting with the Academic representative for details on learner’s induction, teaching and Learning pedagogy and key information.
  • Fill the Admission Form: Fill in the Admission Form and submit required admission documents. A student will have to take an entry test (as a pre-requisite) of the grade.
  • Receive fee bill: Student will receive an admission offer and a fee bill from the billing department.
  • Pay Fees Through Digital Platform: Pay your fees to Fee Billing Record and Recovery Department (FBBR)
  • Receive Admission Confirmation: After your fees is paid, TME will issue a provisional admission confirmation and a formal application shall be made to provider.

You can call the operator on +92 51 2375201-5 ,Ext:184, and ask for student affairs staff to guide you with any concern or query.

At the time of visit, we are pleased to give them a tour of our campus after the admission counselling session has completed.

Please visit our website and find out about our 34 years journey and Legacy or simply click the following link to read more about us: https://millenniumschools.edu.pk

At TME all teachers are highly qualified and are Cambridge certified. Only experienced educators of the highest quality are employed. They are all visionary and professional and have high expectations of themselves and their students. At TME teachers bring a wide variety of experiences and expertise teaching TME Curriculum.

TME has specialist teachers in Music, PE, Art, German, Chinese, ICT and Student Support Teams which includes our School Counselors and student affairs officer.

The size of each class varies however it is not more than 25 learners as TME believes in holistic development of the child by providing them individual and personalized attention at all levels.

No, TME is not a special needs school.

The school uniform and course books can be purchased online by visiting https://millenniumschools.edu.pk/rms-uniform-books-sellers

-> Select your school

-> Choose quantity and sizes add to basket

-> Pay with debit and credit cards

-> Items will be delivered within 5-10 working days

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The Millennium Education is a profound home to a vast education portfolio, starting from formative years till graduation, championing a socially inclusive approach to academic qualifications.



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