Global Reach & Outreach

Roots Millennium Schools not only aspire to provide students education but also intends to awaken an interest and understanding for other cultures of the world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are mutually exclusive. At Millennium Schools, we want our students to engage themselves in learning new cultures, lifestyles and giving opportunities to showcase talents & share achievements so they develop leadership, communication and team work skills. Roots Millennium Schools is a registered institution on global gateway website and our office of global reach and school link has a direct access to connect our school with rest of the world.

Our Office of Global Reach and School Links has bridged the divide between classrooms and students around the globe. Global School Partnership aims to motivate young people’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world. School linking is a fun and immensely rewarding way for teachers and pupils to learn about other countries. Taking part in projects with an overseas partner school where the target language is spoken hugely enriches the languages curriculum. Our programmes enable language skills to be developed in a real context, providing pupils with a positive experience of language learning, broadening their cultural horizons and challenging preconceived notions.


  • Harvard MUN – New York and Boston- 2019
  • CWMUN – UN Headquarters – 2019


  • CWMUN – UN Headquarters – 2018
  • The Oxford Institute – Summer School
  • World Scholars Cup – Thailand
  • Bilgi University – Istanbul
  • Media Winter Programme – North Western University Doha


CWMUN – UN Headquarters – 2017


Urumqi – China Trip


Tokyo Trip


B.SC UOL Study & Beyond Border Tour to India 2014

Visiting India is like a dream come true for the travelers, who are not only trying to discover the amazing country but themselves as well. This destination became the B.Sc student’s first stop on a life-long worldwide trip. Discovering India was undoubtedly the best experience they had in their entire lives; the cuisine, cultural and religious diversity, history and architecture all managed to amaze our students. The peaceful coexistence of these religions reminded them of a very important lesson that today’s world especially needs to learn: tolerance.

Millennials at HMUN Boston 2014

Harvard MUN a platform full of culturally diverse intellect and life changing exposure. A whole new level of debate, probably the best possible exposure to international politics. The world leading four day youth conference held in Boston offers a multitude of disparate activities, carved out specifically to hone one’s social and diplomatic skills. The delegates of Roots Millennium returned with a profound knowledge of debating and diplomacy and many exhilarating memories.


Outstanding, Delegate Award at MUNIST Istanbul, Turkey 2013

Tania Imran

When I first heard about ‘Model United Nations- Istanbul’ I knew exactly what I was going to do with my supposedly precious time. MUNIST was my first international debating experience and the fact that I was the youngest, most underestimated delegate, pushed me to prove myself. But that desire to win turned into reality when I heard ‘The Outstanding Diplomat Award’ goes to the delegate of USA’ I was as shocked as you must be right now. I’ll never forget that moment.