IB DP Faculty


From the Desk of IBDP Coordinator

We at Millennium Roots Schools understand the meticulousness and dedication that is required by students in order to excel in the diploma program. Detailed methodological planning is incorporated into scheduling classes, organizing CAS activities, facilitating collaborative planning between teachers across subjects and designing assessments. Due to the extensive ethnic diversity present in our school and Pakistan as a whole, it is very easy to incorporate the IB Philosophy of international mindedness in our school system. Moreover we profoundly encourage the need to inquire and research knowledge, and by no means restrict our students to old fashioned content based curriculum learning methods. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is designed for the students who are ready and willing to work hard and take increased learning opportunities and challenge. Students who enter the diploma programme are required to commit a two year plan of study and are supposed to study 6 subject and 3 cores in order to obtain the diploma. You will have a variety of subjects to explore you interests and talents with IB Diploma Programme. I hope that you will take full advantage of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme while you are at Millennium Roots School.  To assist you in your course selection process, the IB Faculty and Administration has compiled the IB DP Handbook.  I hope that it is a great resource for practical information about how the IB Diploma Program works.  You should discuss your interest in the IB Diploma programme with your parents.  Regardless of which path you think you might choose (IB diploma, A Level or Advanced Placement), be sure to meet with your counsellor to discuss and refine a high school plan that will be best suited to you.  Ultimately what is most important is that you pursue the path that interests and motivates you.   Sincerely, Snober Sohail IB Diploma Programme Coordinator snober.sohail@rootsschools.edu.pk

Group 1 – Studies in Language & Literature

Ali Anwer

English Language & Literature(HL/SL) Mphil. PHD (in progress) Having taught for 17 years, I feel teaching is a challenging yet rewarding task. Teachers play an essential role in helping children and young people to attain and develop the knowledge and skills they need in the practical world. This is with this rationale that I have been constantly updating my knowledge and professional expertise to keep abreast with the latest teaching methods and techniques. I am not only a PhD scholar in the field of Applied Linguistics but also Category 2 IB trained teacher. I also have the honor of being the first IB teacher for English in Islamabad and I believe that with more focus on inquiry and independent learning, IB qualification is more of a fun than a mere learning experience.


Group 2 – Language Acquisition

Nauman Abdul Razzaq Butt 

German ab initio (SL) (B. Sc. Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom in German Language) I have been teaching German Language to Pasch Students in Secondary level, in IGCSE and in A-levels at Roots Millennium Schools for almost 2 years. I taught German language for 2 years in Germany as well and that experience was remarkable meeting students from all over the world with their own cultural histories and backgrounds. I have also been a part of DAAD in Germany that taught me how to prepare students for Graduation in German Universities. I have also been a part of German University Student council and Asta that kept me engaged in everyday university life organizing orientation weeks for exchange students. I have completed Category 1 and 2 IB diploma training in German Language B and German ab initio.


Group 3 – Individuals & Societies

Mian Tahir

Economics (HL/SL) (M. Sc Economics, M. Phil Economics, MA, Educational Planning and Management) I have been teaching Economics at different renowned educational institutes of Pakistan for the last 18 years. Moreover, I have also taught various courses of economics at the university level.  I have joined Roots Millennium School in 2011 as an Economics teacher of A Level and IGCSE.  Two years ago I got the opportunity to join International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at RMS and completed my Cat. 1 training to teach Economics.  



Nighat Wadood

Psychology (HL/SL) (MA English) I have been teaching Psychology to A level students for more than 15 years. I believe one should learn from the cradle to the grave, that made me explore the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and its philosophy amazed me to join this rigorous programme. I am a qualified DP teacher for Psychology and completed my Category 1 training. IB DP is a very thought-provoking and interesting programme that enables students to become caring, reflective, open-minded and inquirers. I am enthusiastic and excited to teach the DP students.  



Waheed Mubarak    

Business and Management (HL/SL) (M.B.A in Marketing) I have been teaching Accounting, Business and Commerce to O levels, IGCSE and A level students for the last eighteen years. I have completed Category 1 training in Business and Management and am looking forward to teach Business and Management to IB diploma students.



Group 4- Sciences

Aasma Salman

Biology (HL/SL) (M.Phil. Biology) I have been teaching Biology for the last 2 years and am associated with Roots Millennium Schools for the past 10 years. I have completed my degree on full scholarship, worked as a research assistant at Q.A.U. Islamabad, and published my research papers in International Journals. I am a master trainer and have led numerous webinars and INSET workshops. I am responsible for designing the curriculum of Roots Millennium Schools, nation wide, and have consistently shown the highest GPA for the last 5 years. I have attended Category 1 IB professional training for Biology and worked as a group leader of Group 4 (Sciences).  



Zeenat Yasmin

Chemistry (HL/SL) (M.Sc. Chemistry) Teaching to me is more of a passion. With over 15 years of teaching experience in various institutes of repute, I always strive to achieve the academic and professional excellence. I believe that teaching and learning are integral, one needs to update knowledge and skills to keep pace with latest teaching methods. Being an IB trained Chemistry teacher, learning Chemistry in IB will be a joyful experience.  



Faraz Janjua

Physics (HL/SL) (B. E in Civil Engineering) I have been teaching Physics for the last 21 years to IGCSE and A level students.  I believe in Lifelong learning and inspired by IB philosophy to encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. I have completed Category 1 IB professional development training in Physics. l see IB as leading stream of study in upcoming years and looking forward to join IB DP team.  



Kashif Kayani

Computer Science (HL/SL) MS Computer Science I been teaching computer science to O/A levels in the leading institutions in Islamabad for more than 17 years. I kept my self-updated by summer training programs by Cambridge University in different parts of UK and have also served as a master trainer. I have completed Category 1 and 2 IB professional training in Computer Science to become a certified teacher of IB diploma. I am looking forward to be a part of challenging and rigorous IB Diploma programme at Roots Millennium School.



Group 5- Mathematics

Raheel Shahzad

Mathematics (HL/SL) (M. Sc. Mathematics) I am a professional mathematician with a master degree in Mathematics and an aptitude of developing new techniques and strategies in students to make the subject easy for them. I have 10 years’ experience of teaching O levels/IGCSE and A levels.  I am an IB certified teacher and have completed category 1 and 2 IB professional training for both Standard and Higher level Mathematics. I am also a master trainer and have led many face-to-face and online INSET workshops. I have also attended Stage 0 and Stage 1 online workshops on Mathematics conducted by Cambridge University. I am consistently showing good result throughout my career and have helped students master different skills through rigorous practice, research and applications of different topics in real life that is the heart of IB Diploma programme.


Group 6 – The Arts

Shazia Afridi

Visual Arts (HL/SL) (Masters in Fine Arts, MA French Literature) I have been working as a free lance designer for a few years now. I design dresses, book covers and crockery. Besides free lancing I also joined IB DP as a teacher, have completed my Cat. 2 training for teaching DP Visual Arts. It has been three years that I am teaching Visual Arts at BMI. Apart from teaching Visual Arts I was also a part of pedagogical team, Child protection Coordinator and looked after the creativity session of CAS I recently have joined Roots Millennium School at Visual Arts facilitator and Art Coordinator. I have an excellent understanding of IB Philosophy along with its Learner Profile importance and its importance in an educational system.  



Walid Bin Noman

Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Coordinator (BBA in Finance and HR) I feel immense gratitude and pleasure to present our millennials with the opportunity to study International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, an international qualification/diploma that has accumulated significant prestige, honor and repute in all international fronts and universities. It has been about more than 7 years I have been empowering students with process of knowledge sharing; providing lectures to O’ levels and A’ levels. Joined Roots Millennium Schools in May 2016 and has been keenly influenced by updated teaching and learning methodologies introduced by IB. Currently, working as Extended Essay Coordinator/CAS coordinator and IB DP librarian which is considered as a role of Information specialist in domains of IB. I have certification of Cat 3 workshop on ‘Role of Supervisor in Extended Essay’, apart from this I also have certification of Cat 1 for Business Management. In near future; I foresee students of IB DP as an informational and media literate. Students in their two-year tenure will be learning the tactics and strategies utilizing the tools for implementing informational and research ethics in their academic endeavors. I wish all the students very best of luck while studying the updated version of learning, an international qualification that will bring multiple opportunities for them in future!  

Snober Sohail

Theory of Knowledge (MS Gender and Women Study) I have been associated with the field of education for the last 14 years serving in different schools under a variety of roles. Having taught English Language for almost 12 years, I realized that I have a strong passion for teaching. Apart from teaching I also worked as a telephone counselor and helpline support assistant in one of the world’s largest charity organization that work against child abuse – The NSPCC. I am working as an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator and will be teaching English Language B and Theory of Knowledge. I have completed my IB DP certification for a DPC, English Language B teacher, TOK teacher and CAS coordinator.