IB Middle Years Programme – MYP

Roots Millennium Schools, One World campus, is the only authorized IB-MYP school in the northern region of Pakistan. The school aspires to serve as the most integral block that works as a bridge between the PYP (Primary Year Programme) and the DP (Diploma Programme) of the International Baccalaureate. It inaugurates itself when the child from the primary section gets a passport to grade-6 of the Secondary years and becomes a part of the journey which entails five landmarks including “MYP-I, MYP-II, MYP-III, MYP-IV, and MYP-V”. The MYP-V is the class that marks the culmination of the entire Middle Years Programme by serving itself as an intricate link to Diploma Programme. The focal point of “Teaching and Learning” is to infuse subliminally pragmatic and critically evolved academic learning that shapes an individual who is comfortably eligible to undertake the global challenges and thoroughly exude educational and personality grooming.

One World Campus provides students with a new learning experience where technology blends seamlessly into a modern broad-based curriculum, facilitated by fully equipped classrooms and IT suits. Teachers combine quality teaching practices with the increasingly available contemporary education technologies to create a student-centred, flexible and self-paced approach to learning.

We believe education is more about learning than about teaching, more about the students than the teachers. The challenge for leaders and teachers therefore is to allow students to develop their own idea and let them stretch their imaginations, so that they are ready to be innovators and inventors rather than mere improvisers and passive recipients.We promote equal opportunities for all our students irrespective of gender, religious, social, ethnic or linguistic background.


We believe to encourage students to reach their maximum level of individual and educational excellence.  To achieve that aim, we are not afraid to plan a diverse route and to follow in the footprints of educationists who comprehended that there is an improved way to teach students than what we have been practicing in schools.  We sincerely believe in and observe to the International Baccalaureate systems that have been distinguished and certified by foremost educators over the years.  Accordingly, the Mission statement of RMS gives us the confidence to say that our school is “Distinctive to rest of the schools”.

RMS Mission Statement

“ Roots Millennium Schools aim is to bring out the best in a child/student mentally, intellectually, academically, physically, entrepreneurially and culturally by developing the attitudes, skills, knowledge and values in the students, thus required to meet the Global Challenges as millennial  in the 21st century through advancements in our school curriculum, teaching pedagogy, School culture, learning environment and enabling technology.”

IB Mission Statement

“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.”

Comparison of Cambridge International Examinations and the IB MYP Stream

Roots Millennium Schools strongly believes that both national and international routes should remain open to students for their higher studies.

IB MYP is recognized by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), however, there are still a few professional colleges (especially the state medical and engineering ones) that require students to have taken Cambridge International Examination (CIE) of Urdu, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies to obtain an equivalence certificate to gain admission. To meet this requirement, the syllabus of CIE Urdu, Islamait &Pakistan Studies will be introduced in Term 1 of MYP- II. These subjects will continue throughout MYP- III and  MYP- IV till all IB MYP students appear for the CIEs in May/June Session.





The MYP programme consists of eight subject groups (see diagram) integrated through global contexts that provide a framework for learning within and across the subjects.

Students are required to study two languages, usually their mother tongue a second language, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical education and design. In the final year of the programme, students also engage in a personal project, which allows them to demonstrate the understandings and skills they have developed throughout the programme.

The programme model of the MYP places the learner at its centre. This underscores the IB’s belief in educating the whole person, and placing importance on student inquiry. MYP students are making the transition from early puberty to mid-adolescence, which is a crucial period of personal, social and intellectual development, of uncertainty and questioning. The MYP is designed to guide students in their search for a sense of place in their natural and social environments.