The Millennium Middle Years – TMMY

The Millennium International Lower Secondary Programme offers continuous education through Grade 6 and Grade 7. Secondary level is the most comprehensive and unique elementary school qualification; thus preparing Millennium students for their international/national examinations offered through the University of London, Edexcel or the University of Cambridge International examinations UK and/ or FBISE/BISE Matric examination. This programme is based on curriculum of English, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Social Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu, subjects that are stimulating for both students and teachers. The knowledge and skills developed can ensure a smooth transition from secondary to higher national/international qualifications.

The average age level for this qualification is 11-13 years, as the curriculum framework offered by the Millennium International Lower Secondary Curriculum is designed for educational success for learners of that age group. The curriculum;

  • Identifies a set of learning objectives for English, Mathematics, Science Geography, History, Islamiyat and Urdu for each year of Lower Secondary education.
  • Provides natural progression from Primary Education through the two years of Lower Secondary education.
  • Provides a structure that focuses on what students should be able to do at the end of each stage.
  • Provides excellent preparation for candidates progressing to Matric, IGCSE or O level courses.
  • Provides assessments for continuous monitoring of students’ academic progress.

Exposure and engagement in a variety of subjects at the age of 11-13, gives a student an indispensable intellectual toolkit. Subject-based syllabuses allow for much more than the transmission of knowledge necessary for further study or work, they promote meaningful engagement in real problems and help develop high-level skills that students can apply in unfamiliar situations. Using the discipline and approach of an individual subject, thinking about the world can be rigorous and demanding. The world looks very different to a biologist than it does to a historian. The same world looks even more exciting if you can look at it from a range of perspectives. We aim to encourage creativity, provoke reflection and promote joined-up thinking in our students.