The Millennium Early Years

Roots Millennium Schools, accredited as one of the best montessori schools in Islamabad, offers a fully equipped early learning approach for children. We offer four years of Montessori Education, starting from Pre-Play Group, Play Group, Junior Montessori to Advanced Montessori. The programme aims to fulfill the needs of a child in a manner that nurtures and enhances the child’s achievements, interests and learning styles. The Montessori Method at RMS puts forth countless opportunities for both, individual and group learning activities. Children learn to interact with each other in a friendly and social environment which is free of artificial competition. They develop the sense of  working together, of helping each other out through which they learn more than they might in a traditional, competitive environment.

Children at RMS are exposed to practical life exercises, giving them the opportunity to master the environment and encourage self-care. Sensorial materials are designed and put in use in order to support the balanced development of all senses. The Mathematics material introduces our students to one-to-one correspondence, numeration, sequencing of numbers and basic arithmetic operations. In language, children are prepared to read using a multi-sensory approach that involves phonics and linguistics. They learn about Geography through large, wooden puzzle maps while we teach Science and nature so that we can stimulate the child’s ability to discover, experiment and explore the outdoor environment.

Creative arts and crafts allow for self-expression and fine motor development while music enhances listening skills, ear training, rhythmic movement and  singing. The practitioners implement a clear, principled approach and use effective assessments from the child’s first days in the end of the Early Years. When the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of a child are met, they tend to learn with excitement and develop a drive to play and work with enthusiasm, to learn, and to create. They exhibit the desire to teach, help and care for others and for their environment. There are several unique features of the Millennium Montessori environment and regardless of the age group, our Montessori classes are structured around these stages of development. We work on creating trust between teachers and the classroom environment, all the while encouraging a sense of community, long-term friendships and essentially freeing children from many social concerns for them to feel free to nurture themselves.

According to Maria Montessori, “Children will write before they can read, so they start learning letter formation by tracing sandpaper letters”.

We have a scientific method of teaching, specific multi-sensory materials to develop specific skills and fully trained Montessori directresses and staff focusing on developing the child’s wholesome personality.