Millennium Education holds two-day pedagogical workshop

Islamabad: Millennium Institute of Professional Development-MIPD organised 02 Day International Pedagogical Workshop on The Millennium Education-TME Constitution (Principles, Policies, Practices and Frameworks) last day at The Millennium Universal College TMUC Forum, Sector H-11/4, says a press release.

For the said purpose senior management of The Millennium Education at the Head Office, once again, set a huge task of accomplishing reviewing, redesigning, reforming and restructuring the constitution. The new constitution encompasses new policies pertaining to some distinct aspects in educational frameworks and new curriculum of Arts, Music, Library and Reading, Physical Education & Well-Being, Citizenship, MELT, Foreign Languages & Framework and STEM-Robotics. These changes reflect the vision of Chief Executive Chaudhary Faisal Mushtaq and mark journey of TME practices from today to tomorrow as a global education lead, an organization where future of young millennials is orchestrated through research, project based, active learning, technology driven and evidence-based education. The Millennium Education, Pakistan understands that the role of an educator and a school leader is extremely challenging, complex, and continually demanding in today’s time of constant change and innovation and need proper set constitution under which TME ensures quality and uniformed education to each millennial regardless of city and background. Nearly 100 Leaders across Pakistan attended 2 day Pedagogical Workshop under the umbrella of the Millennium Institute of Professional Development MIPD, were enthusiastic and highly motivated to take the TME Constitutions comprises of Principles, Policies, Practices and Frameworks ahead to their classrooms.

This year’s MIPD 2 day Pedagogical Workshop brought together many presenters who elaborated TME Constitution and empahsised on empowering school leaders through a well-thought-out academic discourse highlighting the salient features of the innovative curriculum, inclusive academic frameworks and standardized policies is an endeavor taken up by TME to support academic leadership with contemporary requisites of content and pedagogy aiming to increase their self-efficacy.

While addressing to the delegates, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq Chief Executive The Millennium Education and Founder MIPD, talked about the underlying objective of the TME Constitution. His discourse revolved around creating collaborative thinking on key issues like education to generate thought provoking discussions on contemporary approaches with in TME Constitution. He reiterated that the institution’s support of the legendary history of teaching, learning, and knowledge creation has been the reason why the workshop was conducted. In the end, Faisal Mushtaq glossed the learning outcomes of the workshop and presented the closing remarks followed by a question and answer session.

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