Millennium German Language Programme


Roots Millennium Schools & Goethe Institute Pakistan and of the Best German Language School in Islamabad, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding years back. “Schools: Partners for the future”; its goal is to build up a network with partner school to awaken students’ interest in and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany and German society. It is coordinated by the Federal Foreign Office and implemented in cooperation with the Central Agency for School Abroad, the Goethe-Institute, the Education Exchange Service of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Lander in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Academic Exchange service.

Forging international collaborations is one of the cornerstones of the RMS 21st century learning & teaching approach. The MOU establishes the principles and guidelines of cooperation between the two parties. RMS has a policy of working with selective and expert partners. We at RMS believe in giving our students opportunities of learning how to live in a global community and the partnership has played a vital role in enabling us to do so.

The network of German Schools abroad and schools offering the German language Certificate will be strengthened and extended. This initiative will thus extend students’ skills preparing them for study in Germany and a subsequent career. The number of full grants for study in Germany is to be doubled for graduates of Partner School. The management of Roots Millennium Schools is confident that this partnership will provide student the opportunity to build up an early bond with the German Culture and to familiarize them with the German education system by participating in integrated German lessons in its schools.Thus fostered intercultural dialogue offers new perspective to the young generation and enables them to present themselves as responsible players in the globalized world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other people’s distinctiveness are not mutually exclusive.

To help children grasp this even better we need, more than ever, place where they can meet learn and is creative together. This initiative, “Schools: Partners for the future”, provides students from different country and community with the opportunity to build up a strong bond and to familiarize.