Partnerships, Programmes & Collaborations

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) to encourage the students towards entrepreneurship and promote industry-academia linkages.

Both organisations mutually agreed to enhance cooperation in many areas including arranging internships, orientations on entrepreneurship and giving practical exposure of theoretical knowledge. Both parties also agreed that RMS will give 10% discount on monthly tuition fee to the children of ICCI members and will assist ICCI members in RMS school competition programmes.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Executive RMS Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) has explained his vision about RMS. He explained that RMS has gained national and international recognition for providing quality education.

President ICCI Muzzamil Hussain Sabri believed that ICCI will support and encourage RMS students in entrepreneurial activities. Ch Faisal and Sabri signed the MoU at ICCI. Both RMS and ICCI are hopeful that MoU will give beneficial results and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

Memorandum of Understanding between Goethe Institute and Roots Millennium Schools (RMS)

Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany has launched a world-wide program to promote and support the teaching of German at Schools of excellence throughout the world. This program aims to establish a global network of 1000 schools dedicated to offering their students the best possible education. Understanding that in our times of globalization it is of paramount importance to offer students as many options as possible in the pursuit of their future careers, our schools realize that teaching of modern languages is a decisive tool in our endeavor for diversity. Teaching and learning of German Language is a part of the Roots Millennium Schools’ curriculum under the German Language Program initiated in collaboration with the Goethe Institute. This Program is providing RMS an opportunity to build up a bond with German Culture and familiarize themselves with the German Education System by participating in integrated German lessons in Roots Millennium Schools.

The idea sponsor and Initiative was taken by Mr. Faisal Mushtaq, where he signed an MOU with Dr. Markus Litz Director of Goethe Institute, Pakistan in May 15th, 2009. After signing the MoU with Goethe Institute, Roots Millennium Schools now offer German language classes in selected schools in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Gujranwala, with around 1200 of its students currently enrolled in the german language program programme. Of these, many students were selected and sent on the Youth Summer Camp held in Germany in May 15th, 2009.

Memorandum of understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) & INTEL Education Pakistan

Mutual Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools & Intel, Pakistan that will serve as a framework within which both organizations may, share mutually beneficial, cooperate in support programs and workshops. It is intended that this agreement will promote joint coordination and exercise of both Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education – RNITTE & INTEL to recognize the potential and capability of members of both organizations in the furtherance of educational goals. Intel recognizes RNITTE as a teacher training and development institute, which offers accredited teacher training certifications such as PGCE, NQTS, Montessori Diplomas and Continued Professional Development Courses (CPD).

Cooperation among education sector is the key to harmonization of innovative teaching approaches and eventually to achieving optimal education standards. Forging international collaborations is one of the cornerstones of the RMS 21st century learning and teaching approach. Keeping in mind the changing paradigm of education today, RMS in a first of its kind initiative has customized a unique ICT curriculum in collaboration with Intel Education Pakistan. A project office was set up at the Roots Head Office under the authority of Department of Quality, Curriculum and Assessments DQCA for curriculum design, development, enrichment, bench marking and relevance setting which lasted for 1 year with 6 ICT subject specialists and curriculum research officers. The curriculum was subsequently reviewed by Roots ICT Curriculum Leads, key subject officers and technology practitioners of RMS and Intel Regional Office in USA and Pakistan. The introduction of this curriculum represents a significant step in our efforts to make our schools and students achieve optimum technology literacy thus converting them into digital citizens. Our world in Roots is in constant motion, giving birth to creativity and innovation and thus invoking our students. This curriculum will promote critical thinking, technology literacy and collaboration in amongst students and thus nurture their inherent potential.

Collaboration between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) & The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Islamabad Chapter for Youth Entrepreneurial Society

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently over 13,000 members and more than 2,500 charter members in 56 chapters across 13 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs. The objectives declared by both organizations reveal that the RMS and TiE Islamabad Chapter are pursuing similar interests. One of the common interests is the interest of harboring the nation’s young entrepreneurship spirit. Both organizations are pursuing the same interests and also, both have adapted similar strategic programs to attain their objectives, for instance: the Youth oriented programs run by both organizations. TiE Islamabad has developed a Youth Entrepreneurial Society that aims to help guide the youth in their pursued business ventures of tomorrow. Under the Program TiE is establishing Business Clubs in all institutions in Islamabad. RMS has many programs running that include similar objectives. With such jointly vested interests, TiE Islamabad and RMS have decided to form a collaboration to help bring out the maximum potential embodied by the Entrepreneurial Youth of Pakistan.

Memorandum of Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and Coca Cola Pakistan

Coca Cola has become more and more a part of our culture. It was once a considered a treat but is now more like a beverage to go with every meal, and all times in between especially for young generation. By considering the demand of students Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Coca Cola. Investing time, expertise and resources to provide economic opportunity, improving the quality of life, and fostering good will among the students Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. has entered into the agreement to create excitement among the young generation. Coca Cola shall be the official drink for all Rootsians.

  • All the beverages, bottled water and other products by Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd (CCBPL) will be provided in Roots all cafeterias nationwide as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties. MoU has been signed by Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq CEO Roots Millennium Schools and Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, National Key Accounts Manager Pakistan, Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd (CCBPL).
  • According to MoU CCBPL shall supply the products to RMS canteen outlets with post-mix dispensing equipment, deep freezers, visi-coolers, product racks and ice boxes. All soft drinks from 250ml till 1500 ml will be available at RMS canteens. Annually sponsorship and uplifting of all cafeterias is a part of MoU.

Memorandum of Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and China Radio International – CRI

Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and China Radio International (CRI) with a view to promote cultural relationship between Pakistan and China and to help scale Chinese language in Pakistan have signed an MOU. Under the spirit of the agreement the Promotion of Chinese language & Culture and establishment of CRI-ROOTS Confucius Classroom across Pakistan is the common vision and goal of the RMS and CRI. To help realize this common goal, both of these organizations closely collaborate and fully cooperate with each other in the spirit of equality and common development to get more productive results through their synergized endeavors. CRI coordinates Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarter) to send bilingual Chinese teachers from China, proficient in Chinese and English to teach Chinese Language at Roots Millennium Schools.

Pakistan and China celebrated the 2011 as the Friendship Year at the leadership, government, business and people to people levels. Following this opportunity, Mr. Faisal Mushaq TI of Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan also dedicated the Year 2011 to Pakistan-China Friendship and enthusiastically worked in close collaboration with many Government and private organizations including the China Radio International CRI, Federal Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information & Broadcasting and Culture, Economic Affairs Division, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Embassy of China in Islamabad, NUML, Embassy of Pakistan in China and Pakistan-China Institute to honour this friendly historic relationship, and nurture it as much as possible.

The most remarkable achievement of Mr. Faisal Mushtaq’s initiative in this regard was the pioneering initiative of the inclusion of Chinese language classes in our core school curriculum, where nearly 3000 students are now learning Chinese language from Grade 3 to Grade 7 as a mandatory subject across 5 Campuses of Roots Millennium Schools in Islamabad as part of the CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom.

This initiative aims at further cementing the already existing exemplary bilateral ties between Pakistan and China by removing the language and cultural barrier. It has also won great commendation from all circles of notables across the sino-pak border including the honourable President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and China. Our students were especially invited and recognized for our role in support of Sino-Pak Friendship during the inauguration ceremony of Pak-China Friendship Centre on 18th December 2010 by His Excellency Mr. Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of People’s Republic of China. Lately, the famous CCTV channel host, Mr. Yang Rui, visited one of the Roots Millennium School Campus F-8/4 Islamabad with his team and held a discussion forum with the students. On their return to China, they telecasted a fabulous documentary on CCTV lauding RMS for our brilliant achievements.

Memorandum of Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and WWF Pakistan on Green School Certification

Roots Millennium Schools-RMS and WWF Pakistan has signed an MOU on Green School Certification. By the participation in different activities school will be playing a vital role in ensuring the future sustainability of environmental resources of Pakistan by bringing a positive change in the attitudes of the young people of our society, thus giving way to a more mature, sensible and environment conscious generation.

In order to be part of Green School Program RMS has entered into an agreement with WWF Pakistan and in which maximum students will participate in the proposed plan to be eligible to get a Green School Certification by WWF Pakistan. WWF Pakistan has recently launched a Green School Certification model with the objective to engage the students and teachers of private and government school in a structured Annual Awareness Programme to foster sense of individual responsibility and accountability in future generation of Pakistan towards nature conservation. The Green School after completing the full Green Year will be Awarded WWF Pakistan’s accreditation of a “GREEN SCHOOL”.

The MOU was signed by Mr. Faisal Mushtaq CEO Roots Millennium Schools and Mr. Ali Hassan Habib, Director General WWF-Pakistan in a formal ceremony.

Way forward for well being of the Environment and well-informed Citizens of tomorrow!

For more information please visit WWF official website. WWF Pakistan

Memorandum of Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS), SAFE & LSE

In a world growing at a fast pace, financial necessities are getting complex each day at each level. In this scenario, financial literacy vacuum can prove to be alarming. People at all income levels especially for low-income families, financial literacy can lessen the risk of making pricey mistakes with grave consequences.

To foster a dynamic and financially literate society, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between South Asian Federation of Exchange (SAFE), Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) and Roots Millennium Schools (RMS), Pakistan. All the three parties committed to acknowledge and promote the importance of financial education as a key component for the economic stability and development of the Youth, thus calling for strong measures to respond to financially viable and sustainable growth. It is hence argued that amplified investment for youth empowerment will yield greater economic growth and social wellbeing for generations to come.

RMS can play a very significant role in spreading financial literacy and economic knowledge in the younger generation. With a strong portfolio in community-based education, RMS can contribute to the promotion of development and empowerment of youth as well as their respective societies. LSE is a member exchange of SAFE for providing a platform for business of securities and promoting the culture of investments in Northern Pakistan. LSE undertakes regular efforts to promote investors education and creating awareness about the capital markets.

SAFE has conceived of a nationwide “Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI)” in Pakistan to create broad based understanding and knowledge about financial markets amongst various segments of society in Pakistan. Under the FLI, SAFE has developed a special program at Campus Outreach Program (COP)  to promote responsible financial behavior and enhance financial literacy in the younger generation of the country. SAFE expects to launch various other activities as a partnering financial institution under FLI and COP.

RMS is a participating institution for the Campus Outreach Program (COP) and agreed to provide wholehearted support to meet the objectives of the Program so as to create a dynamic and financially literate society in the country. RMS agreed to encourage the participation of the maximum number of its eligible students (O/A level and beyond) for various on campus and on location visits for practical orientations. RMS will also be providing the students with internships on merit basis.

Roots Millennium Schools signs MoU with Emaar Pakistan

Emaar Pakistan, the country subsidiary of global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC, has entered into a contract and an MOU with Roots Millennium Schools (RMS), Pakistan to open a Roots School Campus in Islamabad’s premier Canyon Views residential development to cater for a steadily growing population in this upscale residential locality that sits on a picturesque plateau along the Islamabad Expressway Highway.

Roots Millennium Schools, a leading national educational household name in the education sector, will start its operations in the Canyon Views as early as August 2010 with a pilot school to be transformed later into a flagship purpose built campus of the Roots Millennium Schools. The announcement was made at an impressive ceremony held at the Canyon Views to mark the signing of the agreement between Emaar Pakistan, the developer of the Canyon Views, and the management of Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan.

CEO of Emaar Middle East & Emaar Pakistan Group and Mr. Faisal Mushtaq, CEO of Roots Millennium Schools signed and exchanged the documents of agreement and MOU from both sides. A large number of residents of Canyon Views, faculty and parents of RMS students, ambassadors, distinguished leaders of civil and business society and VIPs from various walks of life were present at this historic signing ceremony. Dr. Javaid R. Leghari, Chairman Higher Education Commission was the Guest of Honor on this historic occasion.

MoU between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS) and Abu Dhabi University (ADU)

Memorandum of Understanding between Roots Millennium Schools (RMS), Pakistan & Abu Dhabi University (ADU), United Arab Emirates has been signed on the 4th Day of April 2012 and agreed upon shared common objectives to develop the tertiary education and research infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates and wish to collaborate on a range of joint projects and activities relevant to these objectives.

This MoU establishes the framework for collaboration in the future and the general nature of joint activities between ADU and RMS. Both organizations share the goal of supporting the business community by facilitating and engaging in applied research and developing individuals with the entrepreneurial and leadership skills and expertise in the business community. Abu Dhabi University seeks to develop a complete slate of activities to support entrepreneurship and economic development in the United Arab Emirates. This includes the establishment of new centers of excellence, the development of business incubators, and the development of a comprehensive research agenda and economic development platform for individuals and organizations to further develop the competitiveness of the United Arab Emirates.

RMS seeks to engage in activities relating to the development of the United Arab Emirates economy and plays an active role in Abu Dhabi’s overall research and economic policy-setting and planning processes. RMS recognizes that independent academic research has a vital role to play in the development of the United Arab Emirates economy. To this end, RMS is establishing partnerships with academic institutions to support the highest quality independent academic research relevant to the sustainable growth of a diversified economy and the economic well-being of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, and the wider region. It also seeks to support the development of globally recognized research capacity within Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, and facilitate the use of world-leading research to inform the policy-making of the Abu Dhabi Government.


The University of London International Programmes is a division of the University of London that manages external study programmes

Roots Millennium School offers courses of study for undergraduate diplomas and degrees offered by this system. A designated constituent institution of the University of London, called the “lead college”, creates materials to allow students to study at their own pace. Examinations take place at testing centers around the world on specified dates. Hallmarks of the programme are its low cost in comparison to attendance in London, and the possibility of pursuing either full-time or part-time study.

As stated in the University of London Statutes, International Programmes students are graded on the same standard as internal students to ensure a uniform credentialing process. A student who completes a course of study under the program is awarded a University of London degree with a notation specifying which lead college provided the instruction.

Students enrolled in the University of London International Programmes are members of the University of London. International Programmes Students are however not full members of University of London Union and have very limited student representation within the University.