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Children at The Millennium Early Years school are exposed to practical life exercises, giving them the opportunity to master the environment and encourage self-care. Sensorial materials are designed and put in use in order to support the balanced development of all senses.

Through each subject, we incorporate a different capability in our learners. The Mathematics material introduces our students to one-to-one correspondence, numeration, sequencing of numbers, and basic arithmetic operations. In language, children are prepared to read using a multi-sensory approach that involves phonics and linguistics. The Millennium Education best early years school in Pakistan allows the learners to learn about Geography through large, wooden puzzle maps while we teach Science and nature so that we can stimulate the child’s ability to discover, experiment, and explore the outdoor environment while creative arts and crafts allow for self-expression and fine motor development. Similarly, music enhances listening skills, ear training, rhythmic movement, and singing.

The Early Years school practitioners implement a clear, principled approach and use effective assessments from the child’s first day till the end of the Early Years. We work on creating trust between teachers and the classroom environment, all the while encouraging a sense of community, long-term friendships and essentially freeing children from many social concerns for them to feel free to nurture themselves.

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The Millennium Education is a profound home to a vast education portfolio, starting from formative years till graduation, championing a socially inclusive approach to academic qualifications.



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