Assessment & Examination Policy

Develops thinking and analytical skills which will go a long way in helping advanced studies

Continuous Assessment at Roots Millennium Schools is the educational policy in which students are examined continuously over most of the duration of their education, the results of which are taken into account after leaving school. Roots Millennium Schools is using internationally benchmarked tests, giving parents extra trust in the feedback they receive. In Grade I to III pupils are continuously monitored to assess performance and behaviour. These assessments are detailed in “Progress Reports cards”, which are sent to parents twice a year. Monthly progress reports are sent home to keep the parents fully informed about their child’s development. In classes IV to X, assessment is via class tests, sessionals, a terminal and final Examination. For Grade I – III, on the basis of class assignments, monthly progress reports are sent to the parents. These reports are retained in the school.

Final Examination shows the entire year’s work and performance of the child in the class room. Promotions and selections are at the discretion of the School Head whose decision is considered as final. A student who has failed in a class twice may be withdrawn from the school. The School Head can recommend withdrawal if a student’s performance is detected to be weak. Report cards sent to the Parents/ Guardians are not to be retained by them. They are returned duly signed to evince that the report cards have been seen.

At RMS there is a sharp awareness of the need to keep the parents fully informed of the progress of their children and of the various developments, which take place. It is understood that it is through Parents / Teacher contact that firm relationships and understandings are established. As such, regular Parent/Teacher meetings are held in the school whereby parents are given an opportunity to come and meet the teachers to discuss progress and other matters pertaining to the welfare of the students. School circulars are issued accordingly.

RMS Assessment & Examination Policy provides students with a constant stream of opportunities to prove their mastery of material and sends the message that everyone can succeed if given enough time and practice. This reduces the anxiety and finality around testing and heightens the emphasis on the learning itself. Advanced students progress through material at their own pace and remain engaged by pursuing more challenging work as they pass out of the basics. In this sense, the standards for such students stretch to help each student maximize potential. Because success is defined on an absolute and individualized basis, students cannot be satisfied with their achievements relative to others; they are encouraged to seek their own course and take responsibility for their learning.

At RMS, there is increased self-awareness for students who, through assessment, come to understand their proficiencies and knowledge gaps. Time and again, we encounter evidence that self-awareness understanding of how one feels, thinks, and learns is one of the most significant factors in professional and personal success. The more continuously we assess our students, the more knowledge they gain about themselves what it takes for them to master something, how they can approach problems differently, what their blind spots are, and how to eliminate them. Roots Millennium Schools, assessment provides early indicators of the likely performance of students, something that is of great help to the students.