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 /  MATRIX – Learning Management System

LMS isn’t just a simple way to say Learning Management System. It is a way to simplify Teaching and Learning by connecting all the digital tools Teachers use in one simple place.

What is MATRIX – Learning Management System

Millennium Learning Management System is an integrated learning management solution that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication. Millennium Academic Technology Real – Time Information Xchange (MATRIX) enables our students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials and their campus community for the classroom and beyond.

With MATRIX, students can digitally submit homework, assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, view timetable, attendance, course status, date sheets, fee bill, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s academic and administrative activity within the platform.

Our Main Features

What benefits does MATRIX-LMS offer?

Matrix has been designed by keeping our audience, which is the parent and students, both in mind. Our parents have the ease of accessing their child’s information and progress just with their mobile devices by using the app version of MATRIX. Whereas, students can access their daily tasks and important assignments by the student portal of MATRIX. It enables parents to conveniently monitor their child/children’s performance.


How can students requiring additional assistance be entertained via MATRIX?

A student who requires additional support or extra tutoring can be catered for via LMS Reinforcement module by their own respective subject teacher(s).


How does MATRIX support students/parents who are trying to cover up for the lost time?

Students who face absence through illness or for any unprecedented circumstances try to make up for the lost time. MATRIX can provide alerts to the school in time so that the teacher can make necessary provisions for assisting the students.


How can busy parents remain up to date about campus events?

All important updates and campus events are informed via MATRIX so that parents can remain up to date and ensure that their child participates in the activities.


How does MATRIX provide parents an overview of the child’s performance?

The assessments, diary, classwork module provides run-time information regarding the student’s current progress which gives a better understanding to the parents of areas where the child needs improvement. Parents can schedule the meeting with the teachers to seek guidance and address any apprehensions they may have.

How can a parent address their concerns regarding the campus?

Parents may constantly share their feedback regarding the campus which will in turn helps us keep a check on the academic standing of the system to align all aspects well in time.


What kind of e-learning courses can I find on the MATRIX?

The teacher continuously shares all the resources which can assist the students in better understanding of the lessons. If a student faces any sort of problem, they may easily seek guidance from the teacher via connecting with the classroom, where the teacher responds to any questions the student may ask.


How do the students get connected via MATRIX?

Connecting Classrooms module of MATRIX provides a collaborative environment among all students of the class. Students can respond to each other’s queries while the teachers shares her input as well. This creates a very healthy learning environment for all the students.


How does connecting classrooms help students in the long run?

Other then continuous connectivity, the module continues to keep the archive of the all subjects and topics which have been discussed. Students are able to access them at any point in time to get a quick reference and to revisit points were specifically guided by the teacher. It serves as a digital library or a data bank which the students are able to use.


Can we consider that connecting classroom is interactive?

Yes, the connecting classroom is not limited by the 35 minutes. It goes beyond time constraints and helps students in the long run. It provides the students with an interactive learning environment where a student is able to share his point of view and get feedback from the entire group of peers. They may complete the assignment provided by the teacher and the teacher is able to guide the students about their submitted assignments and what they may do to improve. The teacher is able to share a video with the students which she understands may help them develop a better understanding. The students are enabled to research on the topics allocated and share their findings.

MATRIX Web Portal

Kindly enter the following to access the System:

Login: Admission No.
Password: Consult Campus Manager

MATRIX Mobile Application

Dear Parent,
We are way ahead in digitally channelizing the processes for you and your child’s experience with The Millennium Education. With MATRIX, we ensure that you are always connected with your child’s academic and co-curricular performance.

You may download MATRIX mobile application or access its web portal from anywhere and anytime!



For any query please contact 051-2375201 Ext 160-162.

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