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The Millennium Education is recognized globally as the Microsoft Show Case School for the last consecutive four years and the only Microsoft Mentor School since 2010 in Pakistan. Millennium Education is continuously discovering the technologies that ensure learners develop modern skills including communication, collaboration, problem solving, and global awareness. Millennium Schools have a strong and strategical association with Microsoft for becoming truly innovative by bridging the gap between technology and teaching. In continuation of Microsoft initiative; Microsoft Partners in Learning offers a range of professional development programmes to bridge the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching. It reaches beyond traditional software training to provide a scaffold that supports educators of all skill levels on their learning journey. Partners in Learning supports the success of each educator through world-class, research-based professional development, online communities, and exclusive recognition programmes for the most innovative educators in the world.

Helps improve learning, inspire teachers & prepare students for the competitive global era of the 21st century

Microsoft Education Programme being carried out at Millennium Schools provides full curriculum for teaching technology courses and learning tools that help students achieve success. It enables us to offer training not only on fundamental technology skills but also technical courses for our students who are interested in pursuing a career in IT after graduation. Millennium Schools Microsoft Education Programme has the following salient features;

  • The Microsoft Education Programme delivers a complete learning and teaching framework developed specifically for use in an academic setting.
  • The Microsoft Online Learning curriculum provides unlimited access for more than 400 courses.
  • E-reference provides digital access for Millennium educators to more than 600 technology books, searchable by topic, technology and subject.
  • Ready-to-use, customized lesson plans include links to relevant Microsoft Online Learning and free demos and videos.
  • The Millennium Schools Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum provides essential computing skills for learners new to computing.
  • The Teaching with Technology Curriculum is online learning that helps millennial educators integrate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into their practice.
  • It enables Millennial educators to validate that they have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students.

Millennium Schools promotes Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts which is a global community of educators passionate about using technology to improve student outcomes. Each year, Microsoft selects visionary educators to be part of this exclusive global community who are paving the way for their peers to share ideas, try new approaches and learn from each other and fortunately leadership from Millennium Schools are active part of this global community hence benefiting our system through our technology integration into classrooms.

We believe students can do amazing things if they have the right tools to chase their dreams and build their skills. Microsoft Education Programme at Millennium Schools provides a number of resources to help student developers continue growing and developing their knowledge of technology and the skills they need to jump-start a career.

In essence, students today need job readiness skills, not job training. And the technology industry can and should play a very important role in rebooting education to address this shift. It is a remarkable time in the world of education. Learning is changing. From the Internet’s massively open content to the possibilities that global collaboration brings to every classroom, it’s clear that today’s students the workforce of tomorrow must be prepared for a shifting landscape. And that landscape is increasingly technologically driven. It’s also clear that effective educators are needed now more than ever to ensure that the personalized learning required for success in the 21st century delivers on its full potential.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and at Millennium Schools, we are committed to creating a world where our learner has the opportunity to receive a quality education.

The Millennium Education is provided with the insider access to Microsoft strategies and technologies, Leadership professional development opportunities, Recognition as a Global Leader in Education via Social Media and other Microsoft Channels. The Millennium Education have their representation on different elite forums of Microsoft for example top 50 teachers of the world, Microsoft Mentor School status forum.

Technology in the classroom is not the end goal for Millennium Schools, in fact enabling learning everywhere is the goal. School has invested in technology integrations in the classroom initiative to ensure that communities have the benefit of using ICT by introducing tablets integrated with Microsoft Windows and Apps for the students.

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The Millennium Education is a profound home to a vast education portfolio, starting from formative years till graduation, championing a socially inclusive approach to academic qualifications.



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