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NCC Education Digi Programme
 /  NCC Education Digi Programme

NCC Education Digi Programme

NCC Education, originally a division of the National Computing School, was first established as an IT initiative by the British Government in 1966. NCC Education started offering IT qualifications in 1976 and from 1997 developed its higher education portfolio to include Business, English language and Foundation level qualifications. In 1997, NCC Education was incorporated as an awarding body of British qualifications. Today, NCC Education is an internationally recognised UK awarding body in Computing and Business, with a strong global presence, offering qualifications in more than 48 countries.

About NCC Education’s Digi programmes

NCC Education’s Digi programmes provide a comprehensive Primary and Secondary Computing curriculum up to and including Key Stage 4 of the UK schooling system. This curriculum package from NCC Education includes Learner  and Teacher Books for each stage of the programme, access to additional online enrichment activities, qualification specifications, sample and past assessment papers, prepare to teach induction and dedicated programme support for your centre or institution. The programmes have been designed to meet the needs of UK and international Learners and are suitable for both children and adult learners. NCC Education Digi programmes are offered in a variety of settings and across different delivery timeframes.

The NCC Education’s Digi Programmes reflect the increasing global demand for high quality Computer Science education. Lessons provide a strong focus on digital literacy, online safety, content creation and coding using multiple programming languages, helping to inspire the next generation of digital innovators. On completion of each programme  (i.e. all books for that programme ) learners can be entered for formal assessment leading to certification by NCC Education.


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