Annual Parent Teacher Meetings and Annual Result Day Academic Session 2022-2023
 /  Annual Parent Teacher Meetings and Annual Result Day Academic Session 2022-2023
Annual Parent Teacher Meetings and Annual Result Day Academic Session 2022-2023

Annual Parent Teacher Meetings and Annual Result Day Academic Session 2022-2023

The Annual Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) and Result Day for the Academic Session 2022-2023 were held at The Millennium Education (TME) and Future World Schools (FWS) from 12th – 15th June, 2023. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the academic performance of learners with their parents and provide feedback on their health and progress.

During the PTMs, teachers and parents had meaningful discussions about the learners’ academic performance during the entire academic session 2022-2023. It was emphasized, that the progress of learners depends on the joint efforts, mutual understanding, and cooperation between parents and teachers. Recognizing that parents know their children better than anyone else, their insights are always highly valued in designing innovative teaching strategies, and learning methodologies.

The involvement of parents in their children’s education is crucial, and the PTMs provide a platform for collaboration between parents and teachers. The partnership between parents and teachers is essential in directing learners towards greater academic achievements. The strong bond between parents, teachers, and the school was evident during these meetings. Detailed feedback was collected at the campus level, and an online feedback form was also shared with the entire parental community to gather comprehensive input. By actively involving parents and valuing their feedback, TME and FWS strive to create a nurturing and holistic learning experience for every learner.
To ensure a welcoming atmosphere and celebrate the achievements of learners, the schools were beautifully decorated with creative displays on the theme of this academic year i.e. Year of Circle in Teaching and Learning. This created a positive environment for parents to engage with the learners’ projects and activities, which were showcased in the school’s corridors. Transparency and effective communication were emphasized throughout the PTM. The Learning Management System (MATRIX) was highlighted as a tool that allows parents to monitor their child’s progress throughout the academic year, promoting transparency between the school and parents.

The Director Communications and Outreach, Mrs. Sabina Zakir, Director Teaching and Learning Mrs. Erum Atif along with their entire teams visited various campuses to meet and greet parents as well as to gather their feedback.

The high attendance of parents and their expression of contentment clearly indicated the success of the PTMs and the Result Day. The feedback received from the PTMs will be instrumental in formulating a plan of action to address any areas requiring improvement, thereby guaranteeing that the TME delivers an exceptional learning environment for their learners.

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