Millennial bags top Cambridge distinctions
 /  Millennial bags top Cambridge distinctions
Millennial bags top Cambridge distinctions

Millennial bags top Cambridge distinctions

ISLAMABAD – Millennial Ayesha Samra Khan from Roots Millennium Flagship College Campus I-9/3, Islamabad has made her institute and family proud by securing 2 top distinctions in the world in Pakistan Studies and Islamiat. Today in this global world competition, challenges are far high than ever the history of the world and very few manage to rise above the ‘Barely Average’ tag. This involves holistic approach of parents and school which make learners unfold their potential and be in the world what they have to be and stand high with pride. Millennials from Roots Millennium Education have once again proved the age-old adage that hard work, discipline and academic high standards pay rich dividends, if they have the necessary drive and passion. Roots Millennium Flagship Campus, I-9/3, Islamabad has all reasons for its team and students to be proud of their Class of 2021 with bagging top 2 Cambridge distinctions in the world.

These exceptional distinctions are also an indication that Millennials are ready for college level work and have a bright future ahead of them. The role of the school and college too plays an important role in ensuring that such expectations are inculcated from the very beginning and consistently ingrained to motivate the young minds towards the quest for excellence. Roots Millennium Education is committed to supporting students like this as they embark on their postsecondary education journey.  These students are indeed the “Army of Achievers” and their remarkable distinctions clearly demonstrate that they put in the hard work and show great resilience and focus to achieve their success.

Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq CEO Roots Millennium Education, Pakistan said that we are extremely proud of our Millennial Ayesha Samra Khan and would like to congratulate the parents, student and faculty on this important milestone. Principal Millennium College Campus I-9/3, Islamabad Ms. Muneeze Muzaffar also congratulated Ayesha Samra Khan and said that, “the right attitude is extremely important for success, but any success includes some degree of luck, but I also think that luck comes to those who search for it.” Roots Millennium Education wishes all the students for their future endeavours.

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