Millennials Achievement in 15th IBIC – 2020
 /  Millennials Achievement in 15th IBIC – 2020
Millennials Achievement in 15th IBIC – 2020

Millennials Achievement in 15th IBIC – 2020

Achievements are the outcome of hard work and dedication, which millennials have been exhibiting for many years now. After securing medals in IKMC and IKLC, we would like to share this amazing news with our parental community and passionate learners that our millennials have earned many awards in the 15th International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) – 2020 held on 18th February 2021.

International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) is a competition which aims to raise awareness about informatics and Computer fluency in a fun and rewarding way. Through participation in this contest learners not only get a chance to evaluate their informatics (Computer Science or Computing) and computational thinking skills but it also gives them a platform to enhance their problem-solving skills. The IBIC addresses pupils of all ages and aims to motivate the participants to be interested in informatics problems.

This year, in IBIC 2020, Millennials have secured 5 Gold Medals, 21 Silver Medals, 30 Bronze Medals, 5 IBIC Targus Backpack Winners (First Position in Pakistan), 21 IBIC Wireless Earbuds Winners (First Position in District), 30 Wireless Mouse Winners (First Position in Institution) and last but not least, Awards of Honor for 20 of our TME and FWS Campuses. Below given is the summarized IBIC Result.

Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal IBIC Targus Backpack WINNERS( First Position in Pakistan) IBIC  Wireless Earbuds WINNERS (First Position in District) Wireless Mouse Winners (First Position in Institution) Awards of Honor for our TME and FWS Campuses
5 21 30 5 21 30 20

Details of Gold Medal Winners:

Sr. No Student Name Grade Campus
1 Syeda Anmol Zahra 7 Indus Campus Attock
2 Ali Abbas Arshad 8 Hill View Campus, Mirpur
3 Syed Muhammad Ali Naqvi IGCSE-III Hill View Campus, Mirpur
4 Abdullah Asif Grade-7 Hill View Campus, Mirpur
5 Hiba Ali Grade-7 Future World School Karachi

It is worth stating that Nationwide IBIC announced 43 Gold Medals and out of which The Millennium Educations clinched 5 Gold medals. These accolades indicate the academic success of our learners, and the opportunities they get at The Millennium Education to excel and compete at the international level. Participation in the international level competitions from the early years of education open different horizon of achievements for learners. Such early educational milestones are predictors of lifetime academic achievements. These competitions motivate students and give them a direction to pave their future Paths.

On the behalf of the entire TME Fraternity, we would like to congratulate our parental community for this achievement of our students and their children. We wish our learners success in their future endeavors.

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