Millennium doesn’t quit at nothing, Champions of Edexcel iPrimary!
 /  Millennium doesn’t quit at nothing, Champions of Edexcel iPrimary!
Millennium doesn’t quit at nothing, Champions of Edexcel iPrimary!

Millennium doesn’t quit at nothing, Champions of Edexcel iPrimary!

In the recent day, iPrimary results has been announced and to not of much surprise, the young millennials are all over the place. To commemorate the most recent and in-line milestones of The Millennium Education Group, Edexcel iPrimary results are tantamount to CAIEs, whereas bearing flag to quality and holistic learning is patent.

It is necessary to commend the performance of the IGCSE, AICE, IB, and CIAEs in shaping the individualities of our learners and showcasing talents and skills in the learning community. Millennials have once again achieved outstanding achievements in the Edexcel iPrimary 2023 Series, because of their extraordinary performance and perseverance.  TME is one of the finest schools in the Rawalpindi-Islamabad cities, providing foreign curricula, nevertheless, learner-centric, and requirement-specific.

This achievement not only adds another award to TME’s collection, but it also demonstrates the educational community’s and teaching fraternity’s steadfast dedication towards outstanding teaching and learning. CEO TME Dr. Faisal Mushtaq TI focuses on the capacity building of the educators in his education Group, his gratitude over the results focused on how learning has shifted from globalization to Millennialization.

Director of International Qualification and Curriculum Advancement DIQCA, Ms. Erum Atif expressed her motto on assisting the learners in developing comprehension, facilitating transfer, and increasing their sense of agency. She emphasized the importance of transitioning from curriculum to concept, encouraging critical thinking, leadership abilities, and connectivity through technology. And hence bearing the fruit of result stands as a charter of heedful.

Whether it is Roots Millennium or Future World School, TME is dedicated to incubating the learning experience. As Dr. Faisal Mushtaq emphasized, “As educators, we want our students’ learning to be long-lasting, allowing them to make sense of complexity now and in the future by consciously structuring learning experiences that lead students from the factual to the conceptual.”

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