Which is Better A-levels or FSc For Students in Pakistan?
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Which is Better A-levels or FSc For Students in Pakistan?

Which is Better A-levels or FSc For Students in Pakistan?

Are you worried about choosing your education system after matriculation? Are you getting confused either you should go for A-levels or FSc? This type of question arises in every student’s mind after matriculation. Reading this article will clarify your doubts about what is best in your interest.

Both of these are equal if you wish to stay in Pakistan; in fact, A-levels are nationally and globally recognised qualifications that are essential for admission to a variety of university courses and professional training programmes. It gives you the freedom to pursue your passions while also assisting you in obtaining a spot in a college or university in your native country or abroad. FSC is better if you would like to appear for a challenging entry test for Medicine/Engineering or CSS because IBCC’s equivalency will not decrease your scores. The Cambridge A levels are an international exam that is acknowledged in all over the world. Now moving towards the detail that how both are compatible.

What is A-Levels?

A Levels is an advance study level after O-levels/Matriculation which is controlled by Cambridge International examination. A-levels is also a two-year education system but it is little bit hard than FSc. In A-levels you can choose any set of courses varying from simply physic or mathematics to accounting and economics. After clearing A levels, you will get a General certificate of education.

Why should you choose A level?

Choosing A level as your education system has several advantages which includes:

  • A-levels is primarily focused on conceptual exam; you don’t have to memorize book.
  • A-levels is globally recognized so If you want to study abroad, you should go for A-Levels as you can easily get admission in top international universities as well as national universities because many international universities prefer A-levels.
  • You can choose variety of subjects as per your interest. Also you can get easy virtual tips to understand your course.
  • If you want to pursue a career in accounting, economics or computer studies, you should go for A-levels.
  • Curriculum of A-levels is regularly amended and relies on recent and advance knowledge as compared to content of FSc which is rarely updated.
  • After A levels, you don’t have to clear IELTS and TOFEL, if you want to study in UK.
  • Exams of A-levels are held twice in year.
  • A-level is a better-quality education system and good alternative of Fsc for students with O-Levels as you have to adjust to local education system if you choose FSc over A-levels.

What is FSc?

FSc stands for faculty of science. This education is particularly Pakistan based and it is controlled by Board of intermediate and secondary education (B.I.S.E.). Local boards conduct FSc exams according to district of student. While doing FSc, student have two choices; FSc pre medical and pre engineering. In pre-medical group, major courses you will study are biology, chemistry and physics while in pre-engineering, math, chemistry and physics are major subjects. Along with these subjects, you are required to appear in exams of Islamic-studies, Pakistan study and English.

Why should you choose FSc?

Choosing FSc as your education system has following advantages:

  • Syllabus/curriculum in FSc is standard books which you can memorize easily with help of past solved papers.
  • As FSc is local education system, so you can easily get admission in government universities after you have a higher secondary school certificate. you don’t have to get an equivalent certificate by inter Board Committee of Chairman as in case of A-levels.
  • Although many other companies such as eLearning dubai company or eLearning Saudia arabia company recommends eLearning but If you want to pursue a career in medical sciences or applied sciences or clinical science, you should go for face to face FSc (pre-medical group). After passing FSc, you will clear MDCAT to get into medical school.
  • It is a common perception that’s marks of A-levels students are reduced when grades are converted into marks so if you want to study in Pakistan, you should prefer Fsc over A levels.
  • FSc is an economical education system as compared to A-levels.
  • A-level is tough in comparison with FSc, as its educational nature is totally different and tough than FSc.

Final Words:

You should decide which educational system is best for you based on the facts provided above. If you want to study at a university abroad or obtain an internationally recognized high school diploma, A Levels are a great choice. A Levels are also appropriate if you want to study business, accountancy, engineering, or a variety of other areas.

According to Ilmibook, fsc, on the other hand, may be a better alternative for you if you plan to pursue science-related degree programmers in Pakistan following high school. If you want to study medicine in Pakistan, you need choose pre-medical in FSc.


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