Millennials Secured Outstanding Result in IB MYP 2022-2023
 /  Millennials Secured Outstanding Result in IB MYP 2022-2023
Millennials Secured Outstanding Result in IB MYP 2022-2023

Millennials Secured Outstanding Result in IB MYP 2022-2023

As soon as the result season arrives, a wave of gloom and bliss takes over simultaneously. Learners’ breath an air of uncertainty and probability to reap their seeds of hard and smart work. TME marks another year of passing with flying colors. As few in the quite few of IB institutes, Roots Millennium One World Campus attains a remarkable achievement in the IBMYP results 2023. Our learners never settle for less than brilliance!

Among the high achievers, Zarya Usman, Mahnur Hayat, Aiman Ahsan, Hussain Khalid Feroze, Safiha Zia, Rayyan Answer and M. Ali Arain have crossed a milestone to achieve excellence.  TME believes in providing learning experience and results where necessary, evaluation is rigorous and founded on predetermined criteria.

TME is one of few best schools in the twin cities to be allowed by the worldwide Baccalaureate Organization to offer International Baccalaureate the Middle Years Programme (MYP). This authorization validates our commitment to excellence and our mission to nurture young minds to become global citizens. The core of the IB program plays a vital role in shaping our learners’ characters, emphasizing qualities such as service to others, self-awareness, and a sense of community. We believe that these qualities are essential for personal growth and creating positive change in the world.

This achievement is a testament to the school’s excellence and dedication to providing a truly worldwide education for all children. We take pride in providing individualized inquiry-based learning opportunities for all learners in a supportive and inclusive setting. Our aim is to give our learners a top-notch education that will enable them to attain the qualities of the IB learner profile, gain admission to the best international universities worldwide, and succeed there.

Once again, on behalf of the entire TME faculty and administration, we extend our warmest congratulations to the parental community and our learners for their outstanding achievements in the IBMYP results 2023. These remarkable individuals have surpassed all expectations, proving that at TME, we never settle for anything less than brilliance.

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