Spread your wings with Hammersmith!
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Spread your wings with Hammersmith!

Spread your wings with Hammersmith!

With the commencement of Roots Millenium School (RMS) Hammersmith Campus G11/3 Islamabad, the door of opportunities is open to increased proximities. The Millenium Education TME circumference its access and ensuring your convenience to qualified learning.

With 35 years of academic excellence, TME approaches community at large, “academic excellence,” “student achievement,” “social entrepreneurship,” “opportunity,” and “discovery” have come to be synonymous with Roots Millennium Schools. The learners who attend this institution are committed to deepening their understanding of the world and their academic fields. The only thing learners need to do is select an area of their stir. With an agency to empower students to think, value individual perception, understand differences, overcome biasness and learn group coordination, TME has a level of involvement within fraternities and student engagement practices. Signifying a holistic learning experience, TME conjugate cognitive and hypothetical learning at par.

Hammersmith initiates The Millenium Early Years Program (TMEY) early years till grade 5th, often understood as foundational years. The greatest early years school in the nation, Roots Millennium Schools, provides young children with a fully prepared early learning strategy. It offers Early Years Education for four years, beginning with Reception, Playgroup, Junior Year, and Advanced Year with a promising step-forward. TME compartmentalize the resources to enable learners’ sensory active learning with state-of-the-art Technology resources, portals for Online access to assignments, projectors to entice the imagination, hence practicing the global parameters of learning faculty. TME has separate space for involving the mix of technology and Cultural sub-seminaries under clubs and societies for different year programs.

The campus, nonetheless, entails a list of development programs for your child. TME believes and complies with not just conventional set of learning but a hands-on approach to the ICT techniques. Digitalization lies at the heart of our method of learning. Hammersmith is cutting-edge campus with specially designed facilities for students. The school is an iconic 21st-century campus that is concept-based, skills-focused, pedagogy-driven, and technology-enabled.

With an ever-changing world concerns like languages, technology, Mental well-being, and climate change came the participation concerns throughout the globe and with RMS your child may stand at par in the global arena with openings such as Millenium Chinese and German Languages Program, Green School Program, Robots, Counselling, MIE, and STEM.

This grab-on moment proffers admission fee waiver on limited seats and this could be your chance!

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